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3D Cone Beam Surprise AZ

Patient being scanned by 3D cone beam scanner from Surprise Oral & Implant Surgery in Surprise, AZHere at Surprise Oral & Implant Surgery, we have specialists in all the dentistry fields, including dental imagery and scanning. We keep our specialists updated in the latest discoveries when it comes to dental radiology, and we use very high-tech equipment. A 3D cone beam is special equipment used when there’s need for 3D images of the teeth, nerve pathways, bone image and soft tissue in a single scan.

The procedure doesn’t require any preparation and can usually be performed in a few minutes. However, let the specialist know if there’s any possibility that you are pregnant. This kind of procedure is forbidden during pregnancy, and you might have to reschedule the appointment.

What is 3D Dental Cone Beam Technology?

It is an advanced type of x-ray which we use when standard dental x-rays are not enough for a proper diagnosis. Since radiation exposure is higher than the one from regular dental x-rays, it is not used unless it is necessary. At our clinic, we want our patients to be safe, and so we use latest equipment on the market to make sure the radiation level is the least they can receive from such a procedure.

A 3D cone beam provides images of the bone and is performed to diagnose and evaluate several diseases of the teeth, jaw, and also to the facial bones and sinuses. 3D cone beam technology is not the same as conventional x-rays. The equipment provides more detailed information about the object that is scanned, making it easier for our experts to make a diagnosis and plan treatment.

When is the Procedure Required and How to Prepare for it?

It is used mostly for treatment planning for different conditions such as: determining tooth orientation, reconstructive surgery, surgical planning for impacted teeth, placement of implants, detecting and measuring jaw tumors and diagnosing TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder).

The procedure does not require special preparation. Removing any objects that can interfere with the imaging before the procedure is crucial. Our professionals will ask you to remove any jewelry, hairpins, hearing aids, and other metal objects that you might have.

You will be asked to sit in the exam chair, and our professional will position you, so the area that needs to be examined is centered on the beam. Then, the professionals will leave the room, and you will be asked not to move while the beam rotates around you. Usually, it takes up to 40 seconds for a full mouth x-ray. For regional scans, it will last less.

How do You Get the Results?

Our team of professionals will analyze the CT results and interpret them. They will communicate the results to the specialist in our clinic who supervises your case, and they will discuss them with you. We will present the treatment options, and the planning can continue. For more information about 3D cone beam technology and how it can help you, call the experienced professionals here at Surprise Oral & Implant Surgery at (623) 263-5042 today!
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A 3D cone beam provides images of the bone and diagnoses and evaluates several diseases of the teeth, jaw, facial bones and sinuses. Call to learn more!
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